"I won't talk to you! Never! Do your worst."

Ajum quote

Ajum-Kajin is one of the Argonian mage ringleaders of the Blackwood Company in Leyawiin. He is found in Glademist Cave with some members trying to expand Blackwood Company's sphere of influence. Modryn Oreyn asks that Ajum be apprehended and interrogated so that he can learn exactly how strong the Company has become.


Information GatheringEdit

After he has been captured, he will be brought to Modryn's house to be questioned. Modryn states they need to know how many members they have, who leads the company, and what the secret to their strength is.

Through either torture or persuasion, Ajum can be convinced to give up the number of members and the name of their leader, but will refuse to give up the secret to their strength.

After he gives up what he is willing to give, he will slip on a Blackwood Ring of Silence that will cause massive Fire Damage and kill himself, taking everything else he knows with him into death.


  • When his body is searched, it is revealed that he is wearing a Blackwood Cuirass underneath his clothing. He is the only NPC in the game to be able to do this, as equipping clothing un-equips a cuirass and vice-versa.