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Akaviri Dragonguards, as depicted on Alduin's Wall.

"The Tsaesci serpents vowed to have their vengeance on the west at least three times."

The Akaviri have invaded Tamriel on a number of occasions throughout history. At last count there have been three invasions. Vivec's Sermons suggest that there may only have been three invasions.[1]

Invasion of High RockEdit

The Akaviri were defeated at Daggerfall. A History of Daggerfall says: If Daggerfall had not spent its first thousand years preparing for the battles of the next thousand years, it is indeed conceivable that the Iliac Bay today might be Akavarian.[2]

Second Akaviri InvasionEdit

The next Akaviri invasion took place in 1E 2703.[3][4]

Battle of Pale PassEdit

At the Battle of Pale Pass, the Akaviri were defeated by the Colovian King, Reman Cyrodiil. In return for their surrender, he incorporated their armies with his own. This led to the formation of the Blades.[5]

Ada'Soom Dir-KamalEdit

Main article: Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal

Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal was an Akaviri General. He is primarily responsible for the sacking of Windhelm, as well as fighting the Tribunal in Morrowind.[6][7]

The attack on Morrowind took place during 2E 572, where they were barely repulsed. [8]


  • The Akaviri always seem to attack from the north. Yet, in several sources, such as Mysterious Akavir,[9] and the Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition: Akavir,[4] Akavir is said to be east of Tamriel, (whereas Atmora is to the north), possibly due to the fact that the western part of Morrowind is a mountainous region with no easily traversable passes.
  • Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal was one of the Generals involved in attacking Skyrim.[6] The Arcturian Heresy suggests that the Tribunal also fought against him.
  • Reman Empire was also under threat from the Elves, and he agreed to allow the Akaviri survivors of the disaster to remain in Tamriel and strengthen his army.
  • The Imperial symbol was derived from the fact that the Akaviri rode red dragons as mounts in war.
  • The Blades possess Akavir's military armors and banners of Akaviri origin.
  • Vivec mentions the three Akaviri invasions in The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Book 17, when he says, "Soon they were walking across the eastern sea to the land of snakes and snow demons. Vivec wanted to show the Hortator the fighting styles of foreign tongues. They learned the idiom stroke from the pillow book of the Tsaesci king. It is shaped like the insight of this page. The Tsaesci serpents vowed to have their vengeance on the west at least three times."[10]


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