Alcaire is a settlement located in the northern mountains in the Stormhaven region. The city is also the ruling stronghold in the Alcaire kingdom of the Iliac Bay.



During the Alliance War, the Alcaire settlement was originally a castle with minor buildings located around it. There is a river that starts in the middle of the settlement. The castle is on the northwestern side of the lake while the Guilds, Inn, and stables are located on the southern end of the lake. The marketplace is also located on the northern side of the lake.



  • Alcaire Festival Sword-Pie – Made with Red Meat, Seasoning, and Flour.


Second EraEdit

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The Knights of the Flame was originally called the Alcaire Knights until, Sir Byric of the Flame protected Alcaire Castle by burning the fields on the fire to push back the Reachman in 2E 542. The Alcaire Knights were renamed into the Knights of the Flame for his bold actions.[3]

During the Alliance War, the castle was ruled by Duke Nathaniel and it was protected by the Knights of the Flame. King Fahara'jad of Sentinel sent an army of Alik'r on a diplomatic mission which caused suspicion in the Knights of the Flame.[4] The Vestige visited the city and went into investigation. Duchess Lakana believes she cannot trust anyone in Alcaire, and that someone is trying to assassinate her. She then tasks the Vestige into delivering a message to General Thoda at the Alik'r Camp. While speaking with the Vestige, Thoda dies revealing Dame Falhut of the Flame to be the assassin.[5] The Vestige rushes to Lakana and saves her from Falhut. The Vestige then encounters Dame Falhut and kills her at her home. After informing Sir Hughes of her death, he goes on to check on Lakana only to murder her in her room at Alcaire Castle. He flees to Firebrand Keep.

Third EraEdit

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During the Warp in the West, Alcaire was the seat of the Fiefdom of Alcaire.

Fourth EraEdit

Alcaire is mentioned by the Ghost of Old Hroldan in the Old Hroldan Inn during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. While thinking the Dragonborn is Hjalti Early-Beard, he will tell them: "Remember when we trained with the swordmasters of Alcaire?"

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