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"Alcaire lies to the west, where farmers and fishing villages depend upon the favorable weather and bountiful harvests to eke out an existence."
Flaccus Terentius[src]

Alcaire is a region/fiefdom located in Stormhaven, High Rock along the Iliac Bay. The ruling capital of the entire region is Alcaire City, which is located on the northern end of the region. The regional diety is Kynareth.



Alcaire is one of the twenty-three realms located around the Iliac Bay on the High Rock side of the bay. Alcaire is bordered by Koegria to the west, the Wrothgarian Mountains to the north, and Menevia to the east. Traditionally, Alcaire has connected to the Glenumbra region and its King's Guard region to the west, and the north is the Rivenspire region and its Eyebright Feld region.



Second EraEdit

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Sir Byric of the FlameEdit

In 2E 542, Sir Byric of the Flame was a knight from Alcaire that fought an army of Reachman around Alcaire Castle. He managed to defeat the invaders by burning the fields surrounding the settlement, thus scorching the enemy. The city of Alcaire erected a statue to Sir Byric in honor of his victory.[3]

Mysteries surrounding the Bonesnap RuinsEdit

In 2E 545, the Mages Guild of Wayrest traveled to the ruins of Moravagarlis along the Alcaire River to study strange occurrences in ruins. Those who enter Moravagarlis for a certain amount of time will be afflicted with strange dreams and mad whispers, leading the victim to the edge of sanity. The Bonesnap Tribe of Goblins took refuge into the ruins, and the people dubbed the ruins as the Bonesnap Ruins. The Lion Guard was sent in to quell the Goblins and gather information about the strange happenings in the ruins.[4][5]

The Diplomatic Mission to AlcaireEdit

In 2E 566, High King Emeric of Wayrest married Princess Maraya of Sentinel to form a strong alliance with the province of Hammerfell. This marriage brought about the Daggerfall Covenant, an alliance between the Bretons and the Redguards and eventually the Orsimer of Wrothgar. In 2E 582, Duke Nathaniel of Alcaire took the same initiative and married Princess Lakana of Sentinel to reaffirm the connection. This, however, brought controversy in the Alcaire fiefdom, where a mutiny was beginning to arise.[6][5]

King Fahara'jad of Sentinel sent an army of Alik'r Warriors lead by General Thoda on a diplomatic mission to Alcaire Castle. This raised suspicion among the Knights of the Flame, especially in Dame Falhut, someone who doubted the Covenant sometime around King Ranser's War. Sir Hughes of the Flame and a mysterious traveler, known as the Vestige, investigated the situation and learned about Falhut's assassination attempts on Duchess Lakana. The Vestige defeated Falhut in her home and reported back to Hughes. Hughes then went to secure Lakana's safety, but it was revealed that Hughes had recently gone insane and was considered unstable. Lakana was then assassinated in her room in Alcaire Castle by Sir Hughes. The Knights of the Flame left Alcaire and fled to Firebrand Keep in the East.[7][8][9][10]

The Battle of Firebrand KeepEdit

The Knights of the Flame became separated when Sir Hughes assassinated Duchess Lakana. There are those who stayed loyal with the Daggerfall Covenant and Alcaire; others stood by Dame Falhut, Sir Hughes, and their decision on going against the Covenant. Sir Edmund accumulated Knights to fight against Hughes along with the Vestige. The Vestige found through a series of Knights to eventually enter the inner castle. A stunning revelation was revealed when Sir Hughes was influenced by an entity known as the Omen of Fear. After the Vestige had defeated the Omen, Sir Hughes was put to justice. The Omen was, in some way, related to Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dreams and Nightmares. This raised suspicion in Stormhaven.

The Man of Legend; Hjalti Early-BeardEdit

In 2E 828, a man is known as Hjalti Early-Beard was born in the Alcaire region of High Rock. This man would later join King Cuhlecain of Falkreath at the Battle of Old Hrol'dan and utilize Numidium, the Brass God, to unify the provinces of Tamriel into one government under the Septim Empire. Hjalti went under multiple names, but the one that is known the most is Tiber Septim.[11]

Third EraEdit

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Alcaire in the Warp in the WestEdit

During the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the Alcaire fiefdom was independent among the other twenty-three other kingdoms in the Iliac Bay. The prosperous fishing village of Koeglin seceded from the Alcaire kingdom and formed the Koegria fiefdom and the city of Koegria. Later in the same year, Alcaire, along with Koegria, would later be annexed into the kingdom of Wayrest.[12][13]








  • Alcaire is referred to as an island kingdom in The Arcturian Heresy whereas, in Daggerfall and Online, it is shown to be on the mainland. It is plausible that Alcaire during Tiber Septim's time was different than in High King Emeric's time.

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