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Alchemist's Shack is a small dwelling in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is located south of Ivarstead, and southwest of Honeystrand Cave, just off the main road that goes through the mountain pass connecting Ivarstead and Helgen


The Alchemist's Shack was the home of a now deceased Dunmer alchemist. According to his journal found on the end table by the bed, he was intending to go looking for more mushrooms. One can find the continuation of his adventure at the Alchemist's Camp, and the alchemist himself at Evergreen Grove.

The shack itself is geared towards the use of Alchemy, and has various tools, including an alchemy lab, as well as various ingredients available to take. The items will respawn over time, except for the end table beside the bed. This makes the Alchemist's Shack suitable as a free house for the Dragonborn.


  • Bed
  • Alchemy lab

Notable itemsEdit




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