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For other uses, see Alchemists.

Alchemists are merchants who specialize in Alchemy. They are typically found in cities and settlements, where they often sell their items either in stalls or over-the-counter.

The following is a list of Alchemists in The Elder Scrolls Online:


Name Race Gender Location
Alandil Altmer Female Rawl'kha
Aleeto Argonian Female Fort Amol
Alyxe Hag Female East of the Gil-Var-Delle Wayshrine in Grahtwood
Andalore Altmer Female Kragenmoor
Aretino Buca Imperial Male Windhelm
Aurona Hlaalu Dunmer Female Mournhold
Calanor Altmer Male Skywatch
Darva Dunmer Female Riften
Edrisi Telas Dunmer Female Elden Root
Elamusa Khajiit Female Aldcroft
Enthonor Bosmer Male Cormount
Enthoras Bosmer Male Northwest of Elden Root
Erik Snowmead Nord Male Davon's Watch
Farcaano Altmer Male Marbruk
Gilbonel Bosmer Female Haven
Glamion Altmer Male Elden Root
Jaylim Redguard Male Port Hunding
Layameh Redguard Female Hallin's Stand
Linnea Nord Female Bleakrock Village
Lurz gra-Shatul Orsimer Female Shornhelm
Nabina-Ko Khajiit Female Evermore
Nazubesh Orsimer Female Stonetooth Fortress
Nojaxia Argonian Female Lukiul Uxith
Nubaree Argonian Female Stormhold
Petrille Menoit Breton Female Crosswych
Ramina al-Morwha Redguard Female Daggerfall
Rolindor Bosmer Male Woodhearth
Salanius Campano Imperial Male Fort Amol
Sharyaddan Redguard Female Wayrest
Sings-with-Frogs Argonian Female Ebonheart
Siriwen Altmer Female Vulkhel Guard
Valashi Khajiit Female Mistral


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