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Sign small apothecary
"You'll find tonics, salves, poultices and potions on my shelves. Browse to your heart's content."

Alchemists are merchants who sell potions, alchemy recipes, and ingredients.

Many of them own or work in a store where several loose ingredients, potions, and an Alchemy Lab can be found. Most alchemists have a quest linked to them, and completing them allows the Dragonborn free access to some of the cheaper ingredients.


The following is a list of alchemists and their locations:

Name Location Shop (if applicable) GoldIcon Investor
Angeline Solitude Angeline's Aromatics 500 Yes
Arcadia Whiterun Arcadia's Cauldron 500 Yes
Babette Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary None 500 No
Bolar Narzulbur None 500 No
Bothela Markarth The Hag's Cure 500 Yes
Elgrim Riften Elgrim's Elixirs 500 Yes
Edla DR Skaal Village None 500-1000 No
Elynea Mothren DR Tel Mithryn Tel Mithryn Apothecary 1000 No
Feran Sadri DG Castle Volkihar None 500 No
Florentius Baenius DG Fort Dawnguard None 500 Yes
Frida Dawnstar The Mortar and Pestle 500 Yes
Hafjorg Riften Elgrim's Elixirs 500 Yes
Herluin LothaireThe Ragged Flagon None 500 No
Lami Morthal Thaumaturgist's Hut 500 Yes
Milore Ienth DR Raven Rock None 1000 No
Muiri Markarth The Hag's Cure 500 Yes
Nurelion Windhelm The White Phial 500 Yes
Quintus Navale Windhelm The White Phial 500 Yes
Sharamph Mor Khazgur None 500 No
Vivienne Onis Solitude Angeline's Aromatics 500 Yes
Zaria Falkreath Grave Concoctions 500 No

Only available after completing City Influence quests for Delvin Mallory.

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