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Aldmeri Dominion Miscellaneous Quests

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This is a list of quests by location in the Aldmeri Dominion. The first part consists of optional quests in the main Aldmeri Dominion quest line. The second part is all other miscellaneous quests by region and location.

Quests in main Aldmeri Dominion Story LocationsEdit

Khenarthi's Roost QuestsEdit

Vulkhel Guard QuestsEdit

Tanzelwil QuestsEdit

Skywatch QuestsEdit

Dawnbreak QuestEdit

North Beacon/Castle RilisEdit

Auridon QuestsEdit

Silsailen QuestsEdit

Del's Claim QuestsEdit

South Beacon QuestEdit

  • ^[The Serpent's Beacon]]: Rescue NPCs the Maormer are holding captive and alert Vulkhel Guard

Toothmaul Gully QuestsEdit

Glister Vale QuestEdit

Phaer QuestsEdit

Shattered Grove QuestsEdit

Ezduiin QuestsEdit

Quendeluun QuestsEdit

College of Aldmeri Propriety QuestEdit

Torinaan QuestsEdit

Greenwater CoveEdit

Mehrunes' SpiteEdit


Grahtwood QuestsEdit

Bone OrchardEdit


Cave of the Broken Sails

Driladen PassEdit

Gray MireEdit


Ne SalasEdit

Root Sunder RuinsEdit

Greenshade QuestsEdit

Malabal Tor QuestsEdit

Velyn HarborEdit

Fuller's Break/Ilayas RuinsEdit


Falinesti Summer SiteEdit


Tempest IslandEdit

Reaper's MarchEdit


Falinesti Autumn SiteEdit

Thizzrini ArenaEdit

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