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Virtually nothing is known of the Elven homeland, Aldmeris. Its location, environment, politics, religion, and even its current existence are that of conjecture. Translations from the tapestries and texts in the Crystal Tower of the Isle of Summerset have yielded only the barest of sketches of a beautiful, but very strange, land. In no representation of Aldmeris are there any representations of life aside from the Aldmer themselves. It appears always as an endless city, built upon itself over and over again, until nothing from nature remains. The highest towers are reserved for interring the dead, a tradition continued on by the Crystal Tower itself.[1]

What has happened in Aldmeris since the elves who settled in Tamriel left is perhaps the oldest of all mysteries. For countless centuries, adventurers have sought Lost Aldmeris, only to return disappointed, if they return at all. Some say that Aldmeris was sunk into the sea by the angry gods of the Aldmer. Others claim that the elven homeland has left Mundus and will only return when the races of Mer are united as one. Legends say that there are still elves inhabiting the area, not wishing to leave.[2]

An alternate theory presented by the Moth Priests states that Aldmeris never existed as an actual homeland, but was a collection of pictures and ideas left over from the Mythic Age. The priests go on to say that all mortal life began on Tamriel.

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