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"None of your damned business who I am! If you're going to kill me, just do it already! As Mara is my witness, if I didn't have this hood on right now I would spit right in your face..."
―Alea Quintus[src]

Alea Quintus is a Nord warrior whom the Dragonborn encounters in an abandoned shack at the start of the quest "With Friends Like These...."


According to Alea, she is a good wife. Abandoned by her husband, she has been left to raise six children, which most likely gives her the unfriendly attitude. She seems to have, as Astrid points out, "Quite the mouth on her." She demands to be set free when talked to.


With Friends Like These...Edit

She is one of three possible murder victims (along with Fultheim and Vasha) after the Dragonborn is abducted by Astrid and brought to the abandoned shack.

Choosing to kill Alea, Astrid congratulates the Dragonborn with, "Ah, the feisty goodwife. Quite the mouth on her. Someone must have wanted her dead...right?"




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