"I can see that disapproving look in your eye."


Alessandra is an Imperial and Riften's priestess of Arkay. She is responsible for taking care of the Hall of the Dead, currently being the only priestess there and assuring that the dead are given the proper rituals and burial.


She is unhappy about her life and her job, complaining that she never wanted it, but she was forced to take it so that it would continue the family's tradition and keep its honor. Her father was a priest so all that she learned was from him. When she was little she had no friends because she was staying with her father tending the dead so no one wanted to play with her. When she grew older she became a priestess of Arkay, but her father died before she completed her training.


While seeming a bit disappointed and quiet most of the time, she still carries a sense of duty despite her resentment of her rank.


Alessandra now wants to journey to Whiterun (though Alessandra will say Windhelm) in order to return the ceremonial dagger given by her father so that she can be at peace with him, but she cannot leave the Hall unattended so she asks the Dragonborn to do this for her.


  • "Come to laugh at the grave tender?"
  • "I'd ask you maintain civility while you're here."


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  • Alessandra will give thanks for the help with her quest and says 'take this as a gift', however nothing is ever given to the Dragonborn (unless restoration skill level is high enough, in which case five adept level restoration spell tomes will be given—Heal Other, Close Wounds, Greater Ward, Repel Lesser Undead and Turn Undead).
  • She might already have her dagger even if the Dragonborn has never been to Riften yet.
  • When talking to Andurs in Whiterun, the dialog option to return Alessandra's Dagger may not appear.