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"Oh I know enough. I know those trouble-making Stormcloaks refuse to submit to Imperial authority. Such seditious behavior. Why, it's treason!"
―Alexia Vici[src]


Alexia Vici is an Imperial noblewoman. She is the mother of Vittoria Vici.


Alexia Vici disapproves of Nords, especially Stormcloaks, and thinks of them as uncivilized beasts. She gladly points out how selfish the Emperor is for not caring about his own family and attending his own cousin's wedding.


Bound Until DeathEdit

Alexia appears at the wedding of her daughter Vittoria Vici during the quest "Bound Until Death." She expresses her disapproval of her daughter's groom, Asgeir Snow-Shod, because he is a Nord. She also finds breath to complain about the Emperor not attending the wedding despite it is his cousin getting married.


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