"Alfe Fyr is the sharpest of my girls, in wit and tongue. Get on my nerves, sometimes, but conflict is the spice of life."
Divayth Fyr[src]
For other uses, see Alfe Fyr.

Alfe Fyr is a Dunmer who resides in Tel Fyr, Morrowind. One of the four daughters of Divayth Fyr (and considered the smartest), she was created by him, as a "side benefit of the researches into corprus disease."[1] She now exists solely to serve her master, Divayth Fyr. She can be found in the hall of Fyr. Her three sisters are Beyte Fyr, Delte Fyr, and Uupse Fyr.



  • As well as being considered the smartest of the four daughters of Divayth Fyr, she may also be the first born since her name is Alfe which is similar to the first letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha.
  • If killed before or during "Corprus Cure", The quest will be rendered unsolvable.