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For other uses, see Alik'r Camp.

Alik'r Camp is a Redguard camp located inside Alcaire Castle, but still outside the gates. Because of the ongoing conflict between the Bretons and Redguards, all the different factions must camp outside and not behind the walls. They also occupy two of the nearby houses.


Army at the GatesEdit

Investigate the truthfulness of why the Alik'r Army is outside Alcairw Castle.

Two Sides to Every CoinEdit

Duchess Lakana needs someone to take a message to the leader of the Redguard camp outside the gates. Sir Hughes suggested the Vestige act as her messenger and report on what she reveals.

Notable ItemsEdit


The camp has several members, both male and females, with different titles as follows:



"You should walk with more respect. You are in a camp full of soldiers who are been sitting still too long."
―Alik'r Bravo
"My sword arm has little practice since coming to Stormhaven. You look like you might make good sport."
―Alik'r Champion
"What have we here? You come strutting through our camp with such attitude. Perhaps someone needs to teach you a lesson?."
―Alik'r Champion



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