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Alik'r Dune-Hound

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TESOnlineIcon Alik'r Dune-Hound
Alik'r Dune-Hound
Basic Info
Default name Sandy
Base species Dog
Price 400Crowns Icon
Acquisition Crown Store
Date Added March 17, 2015
Main article: Pets (Online)
"Game is scarce amid the dunes of the Alik'r Desert, and tracking prey across the sands is no simple task. The Redguards often describe hunger with the saying "as starved as a hunter with no Dune-Hound" for good reason—these loyal beasts are experts at finding food and water in the shifting sands when no one else can."
―Crown Store Showcase

The Alik'r Dune-Hound is a pet dog in The Elder Scrolls Online available for purchase at the Crown Store.


The following is the description for the pet from the Crown Store:

"The Dune-Hound is the loyal dog of the Redguard hunters of the Alik'r."
―Item Description[src]


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