"Darien talks of nothing but wine and women, but behind his bluster he's a better tactician than his father."
―Alinon the Alchemist[src]

Alinon the Alchemist is a Breton alchemist residing in Camlorn. He is found in the chapel inside the city.


Hidden in FlamesEdit

Alinon the Alchemist is working on a way to cure the unique lycanthropy that Faolchu has spread through the city. General Mandin asked the Vestige to help him complete the cure.

The Hidden HarvestEdit

Alinon the Alchemist also appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium, outside Frostbreak Fortress. He assists the Vestige in his attempts to defeat the Winterborn camped inside.


  • "I recoginise that Orc standing beside you. That's King Kurog! I'm honored that you and the king came to find me. I just wish you had gotten here sooner, before the rest of my squad was lost." – Alinon in Wrothgar
  • "I heard you ran the Red Rooks out of town. That should make my work much easier. Thank you." – After the quest "Crosswych Reclaimed" has been completed


Show: Crosswych

"You arrived at an auspicious time in Crosswych. I came here to examine the citizens for signs of lycanthropy and found the town overrun by bandits."

What are you doing here? "Now that we have a cure to Faolchu's strain of lychantrophy, General Mandin and I decided to search Glenumbra for remnants of the curse. We're going to root it out!"
How's that working out? "Slowly and dangerously. I hope Mandin is having more success than I am. The Red Rooks have certainly been an annoyance. The more of them you put in the ground, the better."