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Almalexia is the capital and largest and oldest city in Morrowind, named for its patron goddess. Almalexia is truly an ancient city, possibly predating the Dunmer.[source?] It is reputed to be built over the ruins of the Dwarven city of Bamz-Amschend, although the current inhabitants vigorously deny this.[source?] Here, the intrepid traveler would find the center of the Tribunal cult, in the sprawling palace of Mournhold, a city within the city. This is also the seat of government of the Dunmer, where the priests of the Tribunal rule in the name of their legendary deities. Almalexia is one of the biggest cities in Tamriel, behind Stros M'kai, Imperial City, Whiterun, and Alinor.[source?] Almalexia was not destroyed like some of the other cities of the Province of Morrowind after the Oblivion Crisis.[source?] It was, however, sacked during the Argonian Invasion, but is in the slow process of rebuilding.[source?]