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Alms from the Argonian Mission is an Imperial Cult quest given to members of "Layman" Rank by Iulus Truptor, in Ebonheart.

Note: If Reeh-Jah has previously been freed, they will not have any dialogue about this quest.




The Nerevarine must speak to Iulus Truptor. And will then go to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Argonians will direct the Hero to Im-Kilaya. After speaking to Im-Kilaya, who will give 200 GoldIcon, as a way of proving to the Dunmer that the Argonians are not as primitives as they claim.

Returning to IulusEdit

The Nerevarine will, then, return to Iulus Truptor and give him the anticipated 100, or the raised 200 GoldIcon.

Alternative: The Nerevarine can use their own GoldIcon, 100 or 200, and tell Iulus Truptor it was the alms collected from the Argonian mission. Although, news travels fast; alms cannot be collected from Im-Kilaya after the Nerevarine has paid out of pocket to Truptor. Im-Kilaya will simply say, "If you check your records, citizen, you will see that the province of Argonia has already given alms for the poor."


Like the previous mission, there are two options:

  1. The Nerevarine may tell Iulus that they have doubled the GoldIcon. He will then, give Zenithar's Frock, worth 150 GoldIcon, that fortifies Mercantile 5 points for 50 seconds.
  2. The Nerevarine may tell Iulus that they have retreived the GoldIcon and receive 2 Exclusive Fortify Luck Potions, worth 175 each and the 100 extra GoldIcon.


Journal Entry
Iulus Truptor told me to ask the Argonian Mission for alms for the poor. The fund raising goal for the Argonian Mission is 100 gold. When I have reached the goal, I should return and deliver the gold to Iulus Truptor.
  • Quest accepted
I found an Argonian slave named On-Wan hiding in a cell beneath the Argonian Mission. I suspect this is a secret the mission would be eager to keep, since harboring runaway slaves is a crime. Perhaps this will give me leverage when I solicit for alms for the poor.
On behalf of the province of Argonia, the Argonian consul, Im-Kilaya, gave me 200 gold as alms for the poor.
I reached the Argonian Mission fund raising goal and delivered the 100 gold to Iulus Truptor. He seemed pleased. He gave me a little blessing, and told me to speak to him again when I'm ready for another almoner's mission.
  • Quest completed
I reached the Argonian Mission fund raising goal, and DOUBLED it! I delivered the 200 gold to Iulus Truptor. He seemed very pleased. He gave me a handsome flock blessed by Zenithar, and told me to speak to him again when I'm ready for another almoner's mission.
  • Quest completed
I told Iulus Truptor I was not able to raise enough gold from the Argonian Mission to reach the fund raising goal of 100 gold. He was disappointed, and he told me to decide whether my talents and temperaments are suited for fund raising. Before I approach him again for an almoner's mission, I must be sure I want to give the Imperial cult my full commitment.
  • Quest failed


  • If the quest fails, the Nerevarine must wait one in-game day until they can continue with the next quest.

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