"3, 1, 4. Without any arrows, I am useless in this battle. 1, 5, 9. But if I leave to get them, who will count? 2, 6, 5."

Althel's Ghost quote

Althel was a Bosmer archer who resided in Vitharn, Shivering Isles.


Althel was a guard and scout of Vitharn, and was the first one to bring word of the fanatics.[1] During the attack, she was assigned to defend the gate wheel during the attack of the Fanatics, but she failed as the armorer refused to give her any arrows and she was unable to get them because there would be nobody to count.

She died when Vitharn was overran, and was cursed by Sheogorath for being a coward. If she is given her arrows, Althel will be able to help defend the hold.


Ghosts of VitharnEdit

Years ago, the fortress of Vitharn was attacked and overrun by invading fanatics. Upon his death, Count Cirion was visited by Sheogorath who cursed him and the rest of the fort's inhabitants for their cowardice and miserably poor defense. Lord Sheogorath forced them to relive their last moments forever.


  • On her headstone in the ruined graveyard is the epitaph: "Rest in peace, Althel. You were valiant to the end."
  • Any arrows she fires that miss can be picked up. They have the same power as steel arrows, but will have a ghost-like appearance.



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