High Elf avatar 4 (Legends)

A High Elf

For other uses, see Altmer.
"The Altmer are one of the longest-lived and most intelligent races in Tamriel. They have a natural affinity for spells. As a High Elf, you will more quickly collect spell-related cards."
―Character creation screen[src]

Altmer is a race in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.[1]


Female Altmer

  • "Fivefold venerations." – Saying "Hello"
  • "A clash for the ages." – Saying "Good game"
  • "Au-riel guide me!" – Imploring
  • "Prepare yourself." – Taunting
  • "Not my strongest move." – Saying "Oops"
  • "Cunning." – Saying "Nice play"
  • "Most gracious of you." – Thanking an opponent
  • "Forgive my error." – Saying "Sorry"
  • "The day is yours." – Conceding

Male Altmer

  • "Honor and praise to you." – Saying "Hello"
  • "This was a worthy contest." – Saying "Good game"
  • "Au-riel guide me!" – Imploring
  • "Prepare to die." – Taunting
  • "Not my strongest move." – Saying "Oops"
  • "That was splendid." – Saying "Nice play"
  • "You have my thanks." – Thanking an opponent
  • "I am sorry." – Saying "Sorry"
  • "The day is yours." – Conceding


Abecean Navigator
Aldmeri Patriot
Altmer Protector
Ancano (Legends)
Artaeum Savant
Auridon Paladin
Ayrenn (Legends)
Battlereeve of Dusk
Clockwork Apostle
Cloudrest Illusionist (Legends)
Crystal Tower Acolyte
Crystal Tower Crafter
Daedra Worshipper (Legends)
Dominion Seneschal
Embassy Guard
High Elf Soldier
Insightful Scholar
Lillandril Hexmage
Naarifins elite
Ruin Archaeologist
Royal Sage
Shimmerene Peddler
Skywatch Vindicator (Legends)
Stealer of Secrets
Studium Headmaster
Summerset Shieldmage (Legends)
Sunhold Medic (Legends)
Thalmor Agent (Legends)
Thalmor Justiciar (Legends)
Thalmor Soldier (Legends)