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"I was with Prince Helseth back west. King Helseth, I mean. It's an honor to serve His Majesty and Her Majesty."

Alusannah is a Redguard crusader in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. She is found within the Royal Palace of Mournhold guarding Barenziah in the queen's chambers. She is a member of the Royal Guard and wears a full set of Royal Guard Armor.


Alusannah is one of the experienced guards of the royal family. She has been with Helseth and his mother Barenziah before they came to Mournhold an he became King. She is very loyal to them.


Disloyalty Among the GuardsEdit

The Royal Guard Captain Tienius Delitian wants the Nerevarine to find out whether there is any disloyalty towards King Helseth amongst his guards. Alusannah, as an experienced member of the Royal Guard, is not suspected anyway, and she does not betray anything when talking to the Nerevarine.



join the Royal Guard "I was with Prince Helseth back west. King Helseth, I mean. It's an honor to serve His Majesty and Her Majesty. I didn't know we needed any new Guards. But that's up to Tienius Delitian."

"Ask about King Llethan." "Nine blessings for the old man. Pity. But we all come to it in the end."
"Ask about King Helseth." "A great man. And his mother is a great woman. They've had some tough luck back west. But I think that's all over. With his mother to counsel him, I think Helseth will be a great leader here in Mournhold."
"Mention your Hlaalu connections." "Tell Tienius Delitian, if you haven't already. It may not be important. But Delitian won't like it if you try to keep it secret."


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