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Alusaron: Smith is a location in Vivec City. It is located directly south of the Vivec Mages Guild in the Foreign Quarter Plaza. It serves as both shop and home to the owner, a Redguard known as Alusaron and is guarded by a single Ordinator. The forge is downstairs in the bedroom behind a level 20 locked door.






  • 50 GoldIcon
  • Randomized loot
  • Level 90 Locked Chest located in the first room, left of the entrance atop two of the three crates in the alcove.
  • Level 75 Locked Chest located in the corner behind Alusaron.
  • Level 35 Locked Small Chest on top of the shelves to the right of the entrance.
  • Repair Prongs - Downstairs sitting on the forge.
  • Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer - Beside the Repair Prongs on the forge.


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