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"Suppose I did have this ring, this "Black Jinx?" Would you take what is not rightfully yours?"
―Alven Salas[src]

Alven Salas is a Dunmer member of the Morag Tong residing in the Sadrith Mora guild hall. She offers training (up to skill level 44) in Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand and Sneak. He is in position of a ring known as Black Jinx.


Black JinxEdit

Raven Omayn of House Telvanni wants the ring, and the search will lead to Alven. Unless the Nerevarine is a high ranking member of the Morag Tong, he will not give up the ring willingly. If below the rank of master, Alven will be insulted that Dratha would send a "mere servant" and will challenge the Nerevarine to a duel.


The following items can be obtained from Alven if killed/looted:


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