Not to be confused with Alessia.

Alyssa is a deceased Breton conjurer, whose body can be found in the Dire Warren in the Shivering Isles.


She was Traelius' wife, and went with him to the Dire Warren thinking he meant it to be a vacation. After some time she realized he intended the cave to be their new home, and had no desire to return to the city. She spent her free time looking for a safe route out of the cave, away from the creatures blocking her escape. After she found it, she pleaded with Traelius to return with her, but he refused.

She left him so she could leave the cave and get the freedom she desired. As she was leaving the cave, she fractured her leg and could not continue. After three days of calling to Traelius for help to no avail, she gave up calling for him, then died.

Her journal details the circumstances of her leaving and her death.