"It's almost funny how many people call me their lucky charm. They buy something from me and their chances to win seem to increase like magic! It's just the wares, of course. Gladiators are a suspicious lot."
―Alyze Metayer[src]

Alyze Metayer is a Breton battleground merchant working at Battle-Ready Market within the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City.


  • "Everyone needs something to keep them kicking in the field. And I have the wares to help you do just that."
  • "While fools charge into battle, the wise prepare first. Which are you?"
  • "A gladiator once told me my goods were cheap tricks, and that she could win her own battles. Ended up losing a limb. Guess you could say she didn't have a leg to stand on."
  • "Heading to the battlegrounds? I have just the thing for you."