"Days like these, boredom sets in like a ship dropping anchor in the bay. Please oh please, bring some excitement into Old Amarz's dull life and buy something! Preferably something expensive."
―Amarz the Shield Maker[src]

Amarz the Shield-Maker is a Redguard woodworker and member of the Fighters Guild residing in the guildhall in the Saint Delyn Waistworks of Vivec City.


  • "Time passes slowly beneath the hollow moon that floats above us. Or maybe it's just the depressing holiness of this place that gets me down. Won't you please make a purchase and brighten my gloomy day?"
  • "Not even the wood speaks to me on a day as slow and listless as this. Even the boards bore me! Ah, a potential customer enters my quiet shop. Will you excite me or do you just tease Old Amarz with your bulging gold purse?"