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Amber Materials List

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Reader (Achievement)Amber Materials List
Title: Amber Materials List
Full Title: Amber Materials List
Author: Dumag gro-Bonk
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FormID: 0001F3C6
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Amber Armor

I, Dumag gro-Bonk, Master Smith of New Sheoth, am honor and duty bound by oath to my beloved mentor, to forge weapons and armor for any hero who brings me Amber. I will create magical versions of these weapons and armor if the hero can, along with the Amber, return to me with the appropriate matrix, which my mentor has scattered throughout the land, to soak in the magical essence of the Shivering Isles. The amount of Amber required to make items is listed below:

1 piece ---- Arrows (per 25)

2 pieces ---- Bow

4 pieces ---- Hammer

2 pieces ---- Mace

3 pieces ---- Sword

2 pieces ---- Boots

5 pieces ---- Curiass

2 pieces ---- Gauntlets

3 pieces ---- Greaves

2 pieces ---- Helmet

2 pieces ---- Shield.


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