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My mind slips away, but I want to be remembered. If you find this, don't forget my story!

My friend Theomund and I were hired by the famous treasure hunter, Lady Clarisse Laurent, to find something called the Emerald Chalice. She said Nords lived here in Breagha-Fin, but all we saw were Goblins. We told her so and asked for more help, but she said we were being ridiculous and ordered us back into the caves.

Theomund created a distraction so I could get the cup. I hope he escaped, but there were so many Goblins.
I made it past the barrier, but the head Nord caught me. He made me drink from the Emerald Chalice and it changed me into a Goblin! Thinking's gotten so hard.

My name is Amberic. I am not a Goblin!