"I am Ambroise Canne, grape-grower for Surilie Brothers. I'm also an advanced trainer for weapon and shield parries."
―Ambroise Canne[src]

Ambroise quote

Ambroise Canne is a Breton warrior and employee of the Surilie Brothers in Skingrad. Besides working in the vineyards, he also gains an income as a trainer in Blocking techniques. He believes his skills in handling a shield to not only be better than Fadus Calidius, the trainer in the Skingrad Fighters Guild, but also claims that Fadus would admit to Ambroise's superiority.

He is willing to train most times during the day, but will not stop to teach anybody while he is eating or at the Great Chapel of Julianos. He learned most of what he knows about blocking from Andragil, a master trainer in Blocking, and will recommend her for advanced training.


Block TrainingEdit

After reaching a skill level of 70, Ambroise will be unable to further offer training. He will point out Andragil, who trained him in what he knows, for further training.


  • "Fadus Calidus [sic] [Do not change this to Fadus Calidius. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] at the Fighters Guild also teaches Block, but he'd be the first to admit I'm his superior in every way."
  • "You want more training? Then you'll have to find Andragil. I learned most of what I know from her. I think she's living in Bravil these days. You should look for her there."