"I'd advise you to keep your distance from that accursed portal."
―Amminus Gregori[src]

Amminus Gregori quote

Amminus Gregori is an Imperial Knight and a member of the Cheydinhal City Guard.


Amminus is the head of the guard standing watch of the Oblivion Gate outside the city's gates. His job is to watch the gate to stop any Daedra who exist while watching for any members of the Knights of the Thorn to return.

Amminus has little respect for the Knights of the Thorn. While he doesn't want to speak ill of them, fearing the worst, feels that they are nothing but a glorified club. Their leader, Farwil Indarys is the Count's son so they have been given the best weapons and armor money can buy. Amminus will go on to say that all the knights had gone into the gate by themselves and have been missing for two days.

When he is off of his shift, he sleeps in the nearby Knights of the Thorn Headquarters. Once he wakes up, he heads back to watch the gate.


The Wayward KnightEdit

With Farwil and his Knight missing, Amminus and his men are tasked with watching the gate for signs of the knights. He will tell the Hero about the Count's reward for his sons rescue, or proof of his sons death.


  • "I'd advise you to keep your distance from that accursed portal." Asking him about the Oblivion Gate will result in: "Haven't you heard about these gates to Oblivion opening up all over Tamriel?"
  • Well then, you know what they're capable of producing. Although, nothing has come through ever since Farwil entered." —If told "Yes, I have." when asked about the Oblivion Gates.
  • "Well, not much to say really. These gates to... other places... ummm, well... it's very hard to explain. I'm not sure I even understand it. I hear tell that the daedra make their way through these and invade our lands. It's sort of a door to the world where they live. Haven't seen it myself, and don't intend to. Being this close to one makes me nervous. The good news is nothing's come out since Farwil entered." —If told "No, please tell me about them."
  • "About two days ago, Count Indarys's son, Farwil, entered the Oblivion Gate with six other men. We haven't heard from them since then. The Count fears the worst, and has posted guards here so we can watch and see if anyone comes back out. So far, nothing. At this point, Count Indarys is offering a reward for the recovery of his son from inside the gate... or confirmed news of his demise. If you find him or the rest of the Knights of the Thorn, get them out of there. I'm sure that the Count would be pleased if the gate was closed."
  • "Are you mad? You killed Farwil, and now you casually speak to me as if nothing's happened? Begone from my sight before I kill you where you stand!" —If Farwil is killed by the Hero.