Amren's Sword is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Amren is a male Redguard found in Whiterun. Upon first visiting the city, Amren can be found arguing with his wife, Saffir, about a lost sword. Offer to help him, and he will send the Dragonborn to retrieve it. Talk to him again and he will say that he has tracked it down to a bandit troupe, but he will mention that he dares not retrieve it without the help of the Whiterun Guard or the Companions.


Retrieve Amren's Family SwordEdit

Due to the radiant-story mechanic, the sword can be found in a variety of different locations depending on one's level: possible locations include:


Dungeon Delving (Bandits) – Favor204
IDJournal Entry
  • Objective 10: Find Amren's Family Sword inside <Alias=Dungeon>
  • Objective 15: Return Amren's Family Sword to Amren
  • Quest complete


  • The location of the sword changes with character level.
  • If Amren dies, the quest will be marked as failed.
  • After locating the Sword and giving it to Amren, it can be pickpocketed from him.
  • Because Amren's family sword is still only an iron sword, he usually keeps using his replacement steel sword, which has more damage. In order to make Amren use his family sword again, you will have to either pickpocket the steel sword out of his hands or land a successful disarming hit after which you'll have a small window of opportunity to pick up the steel sword yourself before he does. He will then draw his alternate weapon, his family sword, which he will keep using.
  • Upon finishing the quest Amren will give one level boost in One-Handed and Block.
  • If a warning pops up saying the quest is failed, it is due to the vampires that occasionally enter and attack Whiterun when Dawnguard is installed.

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