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"According to stories...legends and such...Horthmund was quite the...well...he had plenty of lady friends! He was ugly, too...ugly as a troll! But he had a magic trinket...he wore it. The Amulet of Infectious Charm, it was called."
―Louis Beauchamp[src]

Amulet of Infectious Charm is a unique amulet found at the Hrothmund's Barrow burial ground in the Moesring Mountains region.


All effects are 30 points for 30 seconds on self:


The Patchwork AirshipEdit

Louis Beauchamp at the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild tells the Nerevarine of an enchanted airship he had sent to Solstheim in hopes of recovering the Amulet of Infectious Charm. He has not heard word of their progress, and now fears the worst. He requests that the Nerevarine discover their fate, and retrieve the amulet.


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