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Amulet of Interrogation is an enchanted amulet with the effect of fortify speech and fortify Hand-to-Hand.


After completing the quest Information Gathering, the Hero will be rewarded with the amulet.


Level Item Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1-4 Lesser Amulet of Interrogation 800 GoldIcon 0.6 WeightIcon Fortify Hand-to-Hand 3 pts
Fortify Speechcraft 3 pts
5-9 Greater Amulet of Interrogation 2000 GoldIcon 0.6 WeightIcon Fortify Hand To Hand 9 pts
Fortify Speechcraft 9 pts
10+ Amulet of Interrogation 1400 GoldIcon 0.6 WeightIcon Fortify Hand To Hand 6 pts
Fortify Speechcraft 6 pts


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