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Amulet of Opening

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Amulet of Opening
TES3 Morrowind - Amulet - Common 04
Weight 1.00 WeightIcon
Value 8 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Open
Uses 5
Enchantment Total 10
Type Amulet
FormID amulet of opening
Main article: Amulets (Morrowind)

Amulet of Opening is a generic amulet enchanted with Alteration magic. It can unlock doors and chests up to and including lock level 20. Using this item is considered a crime, and may result in a bounty or confrontation with others if witnessed.


Enchantment ID: open_en


Amulet of Opening appears as primarily as a leveled item. Ruran Stoine possesses this amulet, and it is available from two merchants:


Maren Uvaren  None20 Tel Aruhn Maren Uvaren: Enchanter
Verick Gemain  None20 Caldera Verick Gemain: Trader


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