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Amulet of Spell Absorption

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Amulet of Spell Absorption
M ExtravagantAmulet2
Weight 1.00 WeightIcon
Value 213 GoldIcon
Additional Effects Spell Absorption
Uses 5
Type Amulet
FormID amulet of spell absorption
Main article: Amulets (Morrowind)

Amulet of Spell Absorption is a generic amulet that is enchanted with Mysticism magic. It grants the wearer a 10% chance of absorbing incoming spells.


Enchantment ID: spell absorption_en



The following people possess or sell this item:


A Amulet of Spell Absorption can be found at the following location(s):

  • Dagon Fel, Vacant Tower – On a bench in the southwest corner of the lowerest level of the tower.
  • Kunirai – Atop wooden stairs at the end of the northeast passage, on a table.

This item appears primarily as leveled loot.


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