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Amulet of Zenithar

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Amulet of Zenithar
Weight 1 WeightIcon
Value 20 GoldIcon
Class Amulet
Enchantment Prices are 10% better.
FormID 000878BB

The Amulet of Zenithar is an enchanted amulet and one of the nine sacred Amulets of the Nine Divines, representing Zenithar. It improves prices by 10%.


  • In the ruined fort east of Gjukar's Monument under the shrine. The amulet may not be visible; crouch and switch to third-person view, then move the cursor around near the anvil until "Take Amulet of Zenithar" appears on screen.
  • Just north-northeast of Riften at the shrine of Zenithar. Following path north from Riften there are three guard towers, just after passing the third tower turn right and you will see a dirt path going up the hill. As soon as you get to the start of the path, head straight east up a small hill. There is a Shrine of Zenithar there within visual range of the 3rd tower. It is usually guarded by a frostbite spider or a bear. It will be lying on the altar just left of the anvil (sometimes glitches and floats behind the rock).
  • In Dragonsreach, on a table next to Hrongar's bed in his bedroom.
  • It can also be found as random loot.
  • It is sometimes available to buy in Radiant Raiment in Solitude.


In The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire, an Amulet of Zenithar, a Steel Ingot, and two Gold Ingots can be used to craft a Shrine of Zenithar for the cellar of the main hall of a homestead.


  •  360   It sometimes causes a worn ring to be invisible on hand but it does not affect the ring's bonus.


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