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An Axe to Find is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


After accepting the quest from Glover MalloryCrescius Caerellius can be found at either Caerellius House or Raven Rock Mine. When he is asked about Glover's Ancient Nordic Pickaxe, he can be convinced to give the pickaxe back.

Upon return to Glover Mallory and he'll give the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe to the Dragonborn.


  • The Dragonborn can choose not to return it to Glover Mallory and just keep it. It will remain in the inventory as a quest item, making it a very useful, weightless pickaxe.
  • On the PS3, the pickaxe still weighs 10 units, despite being a quest item.
  • Glover Mallory lets the Dragonborn keep the pickaxe, saying he just wanted to teach him its not right to steal. As he has such close ties to the Thieves Guild, this is ironic.

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