An Errand is a Temples quest available during the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is tasked by a Temple missionary to safely deliver a religious item to a priestess in a nearby town.


Having escaped from Privateer's Hold, the Agent may wish to join one of the Temples of the Eight Divines scattered across the Iliac Bay. To do so, the Agent must enter one of the Temples to speak with the Missionary responsible for everyday duties. They will declare that the Agent's reputation within the Temple is too low for them to join, but by doing some quests for no reward the Agent's reputation will improve.


  • Speak with a Missionary from one of the Temples.
  • Head to the town specified by the Missionary.
    • Ask the local populace for the priestess' location.
    • Avoid and/or defeat any thieves that attack.
  • Speak with the priestess within the time limit to complete the quest.


The Missionary of one of the Eight Divine Temples needs to get a religious item to one of the Temple's priestesses, residing in another town. Despite being a "heathen," the Agent is entrusted with the item, and may improve their standing with the Temple if it is delivered safely.

Divine DeliveriesEdit

After arriving in the specified town, the Agent will have to find the house that the priestess is residing in. A conversation with a member of the local populace may reveal the location, although there is a chance that a thief will appear, exclaiming:

"That [religious item] will never make it to [priestess' name]. Instead, I shall deliver them your head!"

Once the Agent has escaped the potential thieve's attentions, they may proceed to the priestess. Speaking with her will complete the quest.


Although there is no physical reward for completing the quest, the Agent will get either positive or negative reputation gains depending on success or failure:

Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple +5
Temple +2
Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple -2
Temple -1

Furthermore, failing to deliver the item within the time limit will result in an additional Reputation loss:

Faction Reputation
Deity of the Temple -7
Temple -3


An Errand - c0c00y12
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

[Quest giver's name], of [temple], has given me a charge to deliver the [religious item] to [priestess' name] in [building] in [town]. It must be there within [x] days.

  • Quest accepted


  • NPCs will have various comments to make when questioned for any news during and after the quest:
    • Acceptance: "It's a race between two temples for that [religious item]."
    • Success: "[Priestess' name] and [temple] managed to get that [religious item] thanks to a brave [player's race]."
    • Failure: "[Priestess' name] never got [his/her] [religious item] and [quest giver's name] is wroth."