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An Escort to Molag Mar

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  1. Type: (Miscellaneous) Escort Quest
  2. Quest Giver: Paur Maston
  3. Location: Ascadian Isles (southwest of Suran) to Molag Mar
  4. Characters Involved: Paur Maston, Vanjirra
  5. Reward: Light Amulet if Paur survived, or 50 GoldIcon if he did not


Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Paur Maston near Suran and agree to help him.
  2. Escort Paur to Molag Mar.
  3. Speak to Vanjirra to complete the quest.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Meeting PaurEdit

Paur Maston is not far south from Dirara Drom's farmhouse, located south west and across the river from Suran. Paur says that he was detained and missed meeting his business partner, Vanjirra, for an excursion to Molag Mar. Now he must face it alone ... or must he?

Traveling to Molag MarEdit

Paur reveals that he is scared of the beasts and critters along the roads, and asks the Nerevarine to escort him to Molag Mar. There is only one opportunity to accept the task, he will not ask again if his initial request is refused.

Paur is armed with an Iron Club and has some spells at his disposal, but he is fragile and can die fairly easily if left to fend for himself. The journey to Molag Mar is not without hazards if undertaken on foot. Otherwise, escort Paur to Suran (or Vivec City) and simply take the Silt Strider to Molag Mar.

TES3 Morrowind - quest - An Escort to Molag Mar - Paur Maston and Vanjirra reunited

Paur and Vanjirra reunited

In the event that Paur dies while en route to Molag Mar the quest can still be completed, and the Nerevarine will still be offered compensation for his/her efforts. This allows the Nerevarine an opportunity to murder Paur for his two-hundred gold without witnesses in the wilderness (or simply watch as beasts perform the task), then speak to Vanjirra for an additional fifty gold.


Vanjirra is on, or near, the bridge leading into Molag Mar. Once the pair are reunited the quest is complete. Paur is unwilling to part with any of his gold, so speak with Vanjirra for a reward.


Vanjirra rewards the Nerevarine regardless of if Paur survived the journey or not:

  • Light Amulet (if Paur lives)
  • 50 Gold (if Paur did not survive)

Journal entriesEdit