An Invisible Son is an optional quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest is obtained from Cassius Olcinius, who is in St. Delyn Plaza in Vivec City. Simply walking close enough to Cassius Olcinius will cause him to initiate a conversation to start the quest.


"Excuse me, can you help me? No, I'm over here. My name is Cassius Olcinius. Sorry... you see, I've been made invisible by a wizard!"
―Cassius Olcinius[src]

A wizard has turned Cassius invisible, and he is afraid to talk to the wizard or seek help from his father.



When walking past Lucretinaus' trader shop, in St. Delyn Plaza, Cassius initiates a conversation asking for help. He relays that the wizard Fevyn Ralen has cursed him with invisibility and he needs help. Agree to help and he will state that Fevyn is located in the House Telvanni section of Vivec.

  • Optional - Enter the trader's shop and speak with Cassinius' father, Lucretinaus Olcinius. He will give 75 gold to help find a cure.

Travel to the Vivec, Telvanni Canton, Telvanni Waistworks, Telvanni Mage room to speak with Fevyn. Fevyn freely admits to turning Cassius invisible. But he did it at Cassius' request for a fee of 400 septims. Cassius has failed to pay the 400 septims and begged Fevyn to remove the invisibility.

At this point there are only two options: agree to pay the debt or decide that Cassius needs to learn to pay off his own debts.

Agree to pay off the 400 gold debt and Fevyn will remove the spell. Return to Cassius and he will once again be visible and thankful that he has been returned to normal. Enter the trader shop near by and speak with his father, who will repay the 400 gold, plus provide a 100 gold reward.


An Invisible Son – EB_Invisible
ID Journal Entry
10 A man approached me outside a trader's in Vivec. The odd thing is, I couldn't see him.
  • Quest accepted
20 This man, Cassius Olcinius, says he has been cursed with permanent invisibility. The wizard who cursed him, Fevyn Ralen, is a Telvanni living here in Vivec. He has been afraid to visit the wizard for fear of further retribution, and he has been afraid to tell his father of the problem due to embarrassment.
30 I have agreed to help Cassius find a cure for the wizard's curse.
40 I have decided not to help Cassius remove the wizard's curse.
50 I have spoken to Lucretinaus Olcinius, a trader and the father of the invisible Cassius. He was appreciative to hear information about his son's whereabouts, and gave me 75 drakes in order to help me find a cure.
60 I talked to Fevyn Ralen about Cassius' curse. He tells me that it is not a curse at all, but that Cassius had commissioned a spell to make him permanently invisible. The young man soon realized this was not a pleasant lifestyle and begged the wizard to remove the spell. However, as Cassius still owed the wizard 400 drakes for the original spell, he refused.
70 I have paid the debt that Cassius owed to Fevyn Ralen, and he tells me he has removed the spell.
80 I've chosen not to pay Cassius' debt to the wizard.
90 I spoke to Lucretinaus about his son's debt to the wizard Ralen. The trader did not seem surprised at his son's folly, and gave me the money to pay the debt owed.
100 I returned to Fevyn Ralen and paid him the debt owed by Cassius. Fevyn promised to remove the spell.
120 I've spoken to Lucretinaus Olcinius about his son's cure. He was grateful for all my help, and he gave me 100 septims as a reward for my efforts.
  • Quest Complete
130 Upon returning to the area around the trader's shop, I was greeted by the now-visible Cassius Olcinius. He was very grateful for my help, but he had nothing to offer me in return for my help.
  • Quest Complete
140 I told Cassius Olcinius that Fevyn Ralen is dead. He'll never be visible again.
  • Quest Failed