Not to be confused with Anal'a Tu'wha or Analande.
"Yes? Speak, and make it quick. This one is short on time."

Anala is a Khajiit who resides in the city of Vulkhel Guard in Auridon. She is a member of Captain Erronfaire's crew, and is involved in the quest "Unaccounted Crew."


Unaccounted CrewEdit

Captain Erronfaire asks the Vestige to pick up her crew members from around Vulkhel Guard. This includes Anala. She is found at the Fighters Guild. Anala refuses to come back due to Maormers, who she says have captured Degail.


Eronfaire needs you on the docks. "Of course she does. This one can read the skies as well as the Captain. But Anala will be staying right here. For now, at least."

Why? she seemed pretty upset. "There are rumors of Maormer about. Anala will have none of it. This one stays in the safety of the Guard, until the Coast is clear."