Anarenen's Devil Tanto is a unique steel tanto that belongs to Anarenen of the Mages Guild. This one-handed short blade is enchanted to shield the user against Fire Damage, and equip a magical weightless Daedric dagger that increases Short Blade skill.


Enchantment ID: devil tanto_en

All effects are cast when used on self:


Loot the Mages GuildEdit

Aengoth the Jeweler requests that this weapon be stolen for a Thieves Guild quest. It can be found in a locked chest (lvl 65) in Anarenen's cove at the Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages. It is only present during the quest, and is otherwise unobtainable during normal gameplay, unless acquired on the PC by using the console:

Player -> AddItem "devil_tanto_tgamg" 1