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For other uses, see Ancestor Moth.

The Ancestor Moth is an insect typically found in secluded Ancestor Glades throughout Tamriel.

The moths are very important to Moth Priests, who harvest their silk and spin it into bolts of cloth. They are described by Dexion Evicus as creatures that play an important role in a ritual required to read Elder Scrolls, known as the "Ritual of the Ancestor Moth."

Ancestor Moth Wings can be both bought from vendors and harvested in Ancestor Glade.


They can be found inside Ancestor Glade, in Falkreath Hold. There are several at the highest southern part of the glade that can be harvested. They seem to respawn several seconds after being harvested.


  • The Ancestor Moth bears a close resemblance to the Atlas Moth, the largest moth in the silk-moth family.


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