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Ancient Nordic Pickaxe

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Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
Ancient nordic pickaxe
Base Damage:
5 DamageIcon
10 WeightIcon
Base Value:
500 GoldIcon
Class: One-Handed
FormID: Xx0398E6
Not to be confused with Ancient Nordic Pick Axe.

Ancient Nordic Pickaxe is a One-Handed weapon found in Solstheim. It is the only kind of pickaxe that is capable of mining Stalhrim. By the Fourth Era, there are very few of the pickaxes remaining.[1] It can be both enchanted, and improved with smithing.




Retrieve the Ancient Nordic PickaxeEdit

Glover Mallory, the blacksmith in Raven Rock, will mention that his pickaxe was "borrowed" by Crescius Caerellius. He asks it to be retrieved. Once it is returned to him, he allows the Dragonborn to keep it.


  •  PC   If equipped by Ralis Sedarys, it appears floating in the ground (same with Hoarfrost).



  1. Dialogue with Glover Mallory

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