"I am Andel Indarys, Count Cheydinhal. There is no more generous or just ruler in Cyrodiil, if I say so myself."
―Andel Indarys[src]

Andel Indarys quote

Count Andel Indarys is the Dunmer Count of Cheydinhal and father to Farwil Indarys. His wife, Llathasa Indarys died recently due to an apparent fall down the stairs.


Andel Indarys is the count of Cheydinhall and a member of House Hlaalu. Like most other Counts and Countesses, Andel spends most of his days holding court. Once every week on Loredas, Andel will attend a party at Riverview Manor. They also celebrate St. Jiub's Fair, which is appointed to Burz gro-Khash.

During the Oblivion Crisis, his son, Farwil, took his Knights of the Thorn into an Oblivion Gate to close it. After several days of no news of the fate of his son, the Count offered a reward for the safe return of his son or proof of his death.

After the gate is closed and he learns of if his son is alive or not, he may be willing to sell the available house in the city, as well as send soldiers to protect Bruma while the Great Oblivion Gate is opened.


Allies for BrumaEdit

This quest involves going to each major city in the province of Cyrodiil and appealing to the local Count or Countess for aid. The Daedra of Oblivion are innumerable—the soldiers of Bruma are not. The gates generally have no outstanding features compared with other randomized gates.

Buying a house in CheydinhalEdit

For sale is a nice two-story house near the town statue and next to Willow Bank in the southwest corner of town.

The Wayward KnightEdit

The Daedric Invasion has spread far and wide across Cyrodiil. Gates have opened at virtually every major town. Farwil and his Knights of the Thorn have entered the gate outside Cheydinhal.


Cheydinhal: "Just look around. Is not Cheydinhal the model of civic rule? No...don't bow! I am just a humble servant of the people."


  • "I'm sorry, although I wish to spend time speaking to you. I have much business to attend to. Please be brief."


  • The fate of his son is fairly impactful on Andel. His son's safe return leads to a reward of either the Thornblade or the Staff of Indarys. While his death will only reward Indarys Signet Ring.
  • If Farwil was murdered, the Count will refuse to have any further dealings with the Hero of Kvatch, he will go as far as refusing to even discuss sending soldiers to help Bruma.