Andre Labouche is a deceased Breton who was looking for the peak Dive Rock.

His corpse can be found north-north east of Aerin's Camp. If one searches the body, it contains a letter his daughter wrote to him to persuade him to come home due to his clumsiness and the Horror of Dive Rock (the Uderfrykte Matron).

Letter from his daughterEdit

"Dearest Father,

I know it's always been your dream to travel to Cyrodiil, to climb the lofty mountains and reach the peak known as Dive Rock, and gaze down at the full beauty of the Imperial Province. But I beseech you -- be careful! We've both heard the tales of the creature known as the Horror of Dive Rock. But in truth, what concerns me most is your lack of...grace. Oh father, you know it pains me to say it, but you're clumsy! You always have been! You can't walk up a flight of stairs without crashing down to the bottom at least once how can you possibly hope to scale a mountain range?

Please, father, I beg of you, call off your expedition! I fear the worst. Your loving daughter,