Not to be confused with Andur or Anders.
"I spend so much time among the dead, I sometimes forget how much I miss the company of the living."


Andurs is a Nord priest of Arkay serving in the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun.


Andurs watches and maintains the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun, and is a devout follower of Arkay. As such, he is responsible for preparing the bodies for the afterlife.

On the 19th of Second Seed in 4E 201, Andurs invited Runil, an Altmer priest of Arkay in Falkreath, for a visit. They shared some words for nine days until Runil finally left Whiterun on the 28th of Second Seed.[1]


Andurs' Arkay AmuletEdit

He asks the Dragonborn to recover his amulet so he can rebuke the corpses that have risen in the Catacombs. Once completed, he gives the Dragonborn 15 GoldIcon. Even after the Dragonborn has given Andurs his amulet, the dead will continue to rise in the crypts.

To obtain the maximum reward for this quest, retrieve the amulet, return it to him and then kill him. Since he is alone, it is quite easy to do with no consequences.

Alessandra's DaggerEdit

He is also involved in a quest in which the Dragonborn is required to deliver a dagger to Andurs from the grave tender Alessandra, who can be found in Riften located at The Hall of the Dead. 



  • "I spend so much time among the dead, I sometimes forget how much I miss the company of the living."
  • "With this terrible war, I'm a bit overwhelmed. As are the catacombs."
  • "As Whiterun's priest of Arkay, I spread his word whenever I'm able. In the meantime, most of my hours are spent with the city's dearly departed."

Unused dialogueEdit

Andurs also has an unused line of dialogue that was supposed to be initiated if the Dragonborn found and returned to Andurs his amulet before being given the quest. However, this line never plays in-game because his amulet does not actually appear unless the quest has been started.[2]

  • "Can it be? You've brought me my amulet? Oh, thank Arkay. And thank you. Oh, dear friend, please, take this gold for your troubles."