"Lord Vivec visited my shop just the other day. Charming fellow. Very polite. Even asked how I liked his fair city. But did he spend any gold? No, not even a few pieces for a hunk of bread or a block of cheese. I do hope you're better than that."

Angredeth is an Altmer grocer working at Fine Foodstuffs in the Farmers and Laborers Hall within the Saint Olms Waistworks of Vivec City.


  • "You'll have to excuse me. I'm still getting used to the fare they eat here in Vvardenfell. If there's something you want and I don't have it, that's probably because I thought it was nix-ox feed and sold it to a farmer."
  • "If food were gold, then I'd be the richest merchant in Vivec City. But alas, all I have is food, food, and more food. Care to buy some food before it all spoils?"