"Ah, welcome to Angela's Aromatics. Can I help with some herbal needs?"
―Angeline Morrard[src]


Angeline Morrard is an elderly Breton and the owner of Angeline's Aromatics, in Solitude, which her niece, Vivienne Onis, helps her run.


Angeline runs an aromatics shop, who, before the Civil War, sold her ingredients for perfumes used in homes. However, because of the war she often has customers looking for healing ingredients.


No News is Good NewsEdit

Despite constant warnings that the Imperial army would be the death of her, her daughter signed up for the Imperial Legion and was assigned to a scouting party in Whiterun. With the help of the Dragonborn, she learns that her daughter was supposedly killed in a battle against the Stormcloaks. It is possible that Fura could be Fura Bloodmouth of Castle Volkihar in the Dawnguard DLC.


If the Dragonborn asks Angeline if she can train them in alchemy, she will reply that she is unable to and recommends Lami in Morthal.


Mandrake rootEdit

Angeline: "Vivienne, could you check out supplies of mandrake root?"
Vivienne: "Which one is that again?"
Angeline: "It's the root that looks like an ugly little man."
Vivienne: "In that case, I'm pretty sure it tried to buy me a drink last night."


  • "Well hello!"
  • "Need something for a potion? You're certainly in the right place."
  • "So what are your needs? Perhaps a pinch of of this, and a bit of that? Hmm?"
  • "Don't forget me next time you need herbs or potions."
  • "Take care now."
  • "I hope your parents are proud you. They have a lot of reason to be."


  • Despite her name being Angeline, she is frequently referred to as "Angela" and her store "Angela's Aromatics" both by herself and other NPCs.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   The player may be able to invest infinite sums of money into her shop. The "invest" option never disappears, and her shop money increases every time. She can also be pickpocketed for this money back. Another way is to kill her. If items are sold to her, to reduce her stock money, it will not be back later. The money in the pockets will also be reverted to 6-7 coins, which makes investing more than 1 time into her shop pointless.
  • Her quest "No News is Good News" is sometimes repeatable.


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