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"I was one of the best soldiers in the Stormcloaks army, until I took a sword through the chest."


Angrenor Once-Honored is a Nord beggar and a former Stormcloak Soldier who lives on the streets of Windhelm. He can be found walking through the Gray Quarter or around Candlehearth Hall.


Dialogue with Angrenor reveals that he fought in the Great War as a footman.[1] After the war, he lost everything.[1]

He also mentions that in more recent times, he was a Stormcloak soldier, but this was cut short when he took a sword through the chest. He claims he defeated six men at once while rescuing his friend from an Imperial Patrol.


Upon entering Windhelm for the first time, Angrenor and Rolff Stone-Fist can be observed accusing Suvaris Atheron, a Dunmer woman of being an Imperial spy.


If he is given 1 GoldIcon, he becomes a candidate for marriage. It is also possible to marry him if the Dragonborn allows him to keep a dropped article of clothing or piece of armor.

Letter of InheritanceEdit

Additionally, if he dies after he has been given a coin, in his will he says that he and the Dragonborn are related. The Jarl of Windhelm will then give the Dragonborn a condolence letter and an inheritance of 100 gold.


Of men and merEdit

Rolff: "You come here where you're not wanted, you eat our food, you pollute our city with your stink, and you refuse to help the Stormcloaks."
Suvaris: "But we haven't taken a side because it's not our fight."
Angrenor: "Hey, maybe the reason these gray-skins don't help in the war is because they're Imperial spies!"
Suvaris: "Imperial spies? You can't be serious!"
Rolff: "Maybe we'll pay you a visit tonight, little spy. We got ways of finding out what you really are."
Suvaris: "(Sigh)."



  • After completing the quest "Innocence Lost" he carries around a key to the Aretino Residence.
  •  PC   360   PS3   After dropping an item anywhere in Windhelm, he shows up with it and asks you if he can keep it.
  • He is the Stormcloak counterpart of Noster Eagle-Eye. Both fought in the Great War, claim to have been the best at what they did, lost everything due to injury, and are beggars in the capital cities of the Imperials and Stormcloaks during the civil war.
  • Despite his disliking of the Dark Elves, unlike Rolff Stone-Fist, he does not insult player's race if they're a Dunmer and has no qualms marrying the Dragonborn if they are.
  • One of his quotes is reminiscent of a line made by many Hold Guards: "I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee."
  • He is the only Beggar who is able to be married in the game.
    • If he is married, he will still ask for GoldIcon.



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